Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 放风筝 (fàng fēng zheng) Fly a Kite

Summer is well on its way here in China, which means people are taking advantage of the beautiful weather and are out at parks and beaches flying kites. In Chinese we call kites "风筝"(fēng zheng) , and "to fly a kite" is "放风筝"(fàng fēng zheng). The World Kite Festival took place in Weifang (Shandong Province) last month and marked the beginning of the kite flying season. The annual event draws huge crowds of kite masters and fans from all over China and the world. If you are interested in flying kites, choose a sunny and windy day to take your kite out to your local park and impress the locals! Remember to watch out for electric wires and cars, and bring a pair of sunglasses to protect those beautiful eyes from the bright sun. So how about we go fly a kite this weekend? or "这个周末我们去放风筝吧。"(Zhè ge zhōu mò wǒ men qù fàng fēng zheng ba.)

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