Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 垃圾时尚(Lājī shíshàng )Trashion



Trashion(trash“垃圾”和fashion“时尚”的合成词)指用旧的、废弃的、捡来的或者重新改装的部件制作的艺术品、珠宝,及家居时尚用品,即“ 垃圾时尚”。
Trashion (a portmanteau of "trash" and "fashion") is a term for art, jewelry, fashion and objects for the home created from used, thrown-out, found and repurposed elements.


起初,“垃圾时尚”只用来描述那些与竞赛或者时尚表演有关的艺术类服装;不过,随着循环理念和绿 色时尚的盛行,垃圾时尚也变得更加日常化了。如今,“垃圾时尚”这个词在创意界多用来指代全部或部分由再循环材料制成的衣服或饰物,这其中也包括那些不舍 得扔和重新修改过的旧衣服。
Initially trashion was used to describe art-couture costume usually linked to contests or fashion shows; however, as recycling and ‘green’ fashion become more prevalent, trashion has taken a turn for the more wearable. The term is now widely used in creative circles to describe any wearable item or accessory that is constructed using all or part materials that have been recycled, including clothing that has been thrifted and reconditioned.


Trashion is a philosophy and an ethic encompassing environmentalism and innovation. Making traditional objects out of recycled materials can be trashion, as can making avant-garde fashion from cast-offs or junk. It springs from a desire to make the best use of limited resources.

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