Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 闷葫芦 (mèn húlu) an enigma

闷葫芦 (mèn húlu) an enigma; a puzzle



The shape of calabash gourd is small mouth and big belly. It’s hard to pour out the water inside of it. “闷葫芦”means a person who does not speak a lot as a calabash gourd or an enigma that is difficult to understand.



1、Zhè háizi shì gè mèn húlu,shéi dōu bù zhīdao tā zài xiǎng shénme.
The kid is like an enigma and nobody knows what he is thinking.


2、Tā shì gè mèn húlu,yìtiān dào wǎn dōu bù kāi kǒu shuōhuà.
He is like an enigma and speaks nothing all day long.

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