Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 Never make these mistakes in Chinese 43

Foreigners often make some strange mistakes in Chinese when they study the most difficult language— —Chinese. We try to analyze typical sentences to correct these errors.

         Chánɡjiānɡ bǐ Huánɡhé duōshǎo chánɡ ɡōnɡlǐ?
False: 长江比黄河多少长公里?
        Chánɡjiānɡ bǐ Huánɡhé chánɡ duōshǎo ɡōnɡlǐ?
True: 长江比黄河长多少公里?

多 少 normally premodifies a noun or a combination of a noun and a measure word. It can not stay in front of the predicate to serve as an adverbial adjunct. We shift it to the position before 公里.

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