Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 逆天 (nìtiān) to go against God’s will

逆天 (nìtiān) to go against God’s will



The original meaning of “逆天” is to go against God’s will. Later, with the development of the internet, netizens began to use it to express things like surprise, resentment, and anger when they exceed the normal range of emotion.



1、Yǒuxiē chéngshì fángjià gāo de yào nìtiān le!
Housing prices are unreasonably high in some cities!

2、3D lìtǐ fěnbǐhuà jiǎnzhí nìtiān, xiàoguǒ lìngrén jīngtàn!
3D chalk painting is truly unbelievable. How stunning are the paintings!

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