Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 OMG! Chinese Buzzwords! (13)

微博控(wēi bó kòng)


Borrowed from the English buzzword, a portmanteau of twitter and guilt, describing the guilty feeling you have when you haven’t posted a twitter comment online recently.

品牌控(pǐn pái kòng)

brand dropping

A pomp way of reminding others of your significance by deliberately mentioning the brand names of your luxury clothing and belongings.

聚会控(jù huì kòng)


Shortened form of Fear Of Missing Out, a feeling experienced by some urban youngsters who try their best to avoid being left out of partying, even though it tires them out.

仆街少女(pǔ jiē shào nǚ)

planking girls

The term "pujie" means lying on the streets with one’s face down in Chinese while “shaonv” means girls. It refers to two young Taiwanese girls who became famous after photos showing them oddly lying down as flat as a plank on streets became an Internet sensation.

抹布女 (mā bù nǚ)

rag woman

A woman who puts her heart and soul into helping her boyfriend or husband to succeed but is tragically dumped or betrayed in the end. Such a woman is compared to a piece of rag, which is used to wipe dirt and usually thrown away.

私奔节 (sī bēn jié)

elope festival

It refers to May 16, which is pronounced “Wu Yao Liu” in Chinese and sounds like “Wo Yao Liu” which means “I want to escape” in English. Many romantic Chinese Netizens call the day “the elope festival” and say lovers should runaway together on this date. The term was more widely spread after Wang Gongquan, a venture capital founder, announced he will elope with a female friend via his microblog on May 16.

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