Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 OMG! Chinese Buzzwords! (2)

三手烟(sān shǒu yān)
third-hand smoke

It refers to cigarette particles or the odor remaining in furniture, clothing, hair or skin. Third-hand smoke is an invisible killer hidden on walls, in carpets, bed sets and other places. When babies crawl on the ground or grab things and put them in their mouth, they can get poisoned by the third-hand smoke.

冷妈(lěng mā)
cold-faced mother

Unlike traditional mothers who love their children unconditionally and sacrifice themselves, cold-faced mothers appear relatively detached, cold and strict. They don¡¯t always give unconditionally or remain tender and mild. On the contrary, they tend to teach children to face reality.

TVB style

It refers to a recent online trend to comfort others by using lines from TV series produced by Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Ltd, commonly known as TVB. 

月饼税(yuè bǐng shuì)
mooncake tax

Tax authorities recently reminded employers that if they give mooncakes to employees as a bonus, it should be included as part of their taxable income. Although the tax has been levied for the past two years, most taxpayers think it is ridiculous and there was a wave of online criticism.

试探性自杀(shì tàn xìng zì shā)
tentative attempts before suicide

The phrase refers to tentative attempts made by a person before he/she has enough courage to commit suicide. The phrase came to light after a Hubei Province government official who had 11 deep knife wounds on his body was ruled to have committed suicide by police. His family and some members of the online community questioned whether it was possible that the official could stab himself 11 times to commit suicide.

格差婚(gé chā hūn)
kakusa marriage

Gecha is a translation from the Japanese word kakusa, which means gap. A kakusa marriage involves a man and a woman that have a great gap in income, family background, temperament, hobbies and outlook on life.

拉黑(lā hēi)

An expression used to refer to blocking someone from viewing your posts on a social networking site. It also means to blacklist a person or organization.

闪辞族(shǎn cí zú)
speed job-quitter

Some new graduates will use a trivial setback as an excuse to find another position only several months or weeks into the current job.

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