Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 OMG! Chinese Buzzwords! (28)

宅内族(zhái nèi zú)

Home geeks with positive attitudes. They advocate a thrifty, do-it-yourself lifestyle due to the economic downturn or limited means, such as cooking and doing the laundry by oneself, or exercising at home if possible.

午饭恐惧症(wǔ fàn kǒng jù zhèng)
lunch phobia
During lunch hour, "what to eat and who to eat with" can be a headache for office workers who work at a company without canteen facilities. Some are afraid of being isolated from colleagues at the dining table due to a lack of shared topics or they are just not good at inter-personal communication skills. In fact, lunch phobia is a manifestation of social phobia.

裸辞(luǒ cí)
naked resignation

This refers to people who are resolved to quit their current job even before finding the next one. It is attributed to a massive workload or lacking in happiness at work. The word is now popular among office workers and the term has spread widely on the Internet.

周三症候群(zhōu sān zhèng hòu qún)
Wednesday syndrome

Wednesday, the midweek point, is often referred to as "hump day" because of its position as the middle day of the work week. If the work week were a hill, then Wednesday would be the crest. It is all downhill from there. People feel dismayed at the very day because of the just-passed weekend and the next faraway weekend so they end up being in the middle of nowher. Besides, employees are prone to being overwhelmed with worry and anxiety on Wednesday because of all the information and messages they receive.

微波炉思维(wēi bō lú sī wéi)
Microwave mentality

Microwaves help people heat food quickly, but this magic helper in the kitchen has led to the disappearance of patience in modern society. People with a microwave mentality can’t even wait for fast food to be delivered. For people who think this way, things that can’t be done in minutes are simply not worth doing.

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