Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 OMG! Chinese Buzzwords! (30)

火锅婚姻(huǒ guō hūn yīn)
hotpot marriage
Chinese netizens have compared marriage to the hotpot, wher the romantic love before marriage represents the base of the broth and assorted difficulties faced in everyday life are the seasonings. It turns out that some couples make perfect hotpot, while others spoil it.

电视棒(diàn shì bàng)
TV USB drive
USB drives believed to be capable of picking up overseas TV channels once inserted into a computer with Internet access have been hawked illegally at some electronics markets in China, which bans unauthorized viewing of foreign channels.

萝卜招聘(luó bo zhāo pìn)
hand-picked employment
Some local governments in China are reported to have held job fairs that are apparently open to everyone but in fact vacancies have been reserved for the offspring of local heavyweights. The expression literally means “radish employment,” as a Chinese saying goes that each radish fits a single hole, meaning exclusiveness.

隔代结婚(ge2 dai4 jie2 hun1
intergenerational marriage
The term refers to the marriage of two people with a distinct generation/age gap between them. It spread widely online after an official suggested that women born in the 1980s should marry men born in the 1960s or 1950s, who are older but have accumulated strong economic basis for a family life, during the annual two sessions — Chinese People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. The official said young people frustrated by high housing prices and unable to find a spouse their own age could consider marrying those of an older generation.

森林碳汇(sēn lín tàn huì
forest carbon sinks
The term refers to a kind of economical environmental protection method of building more forests to accumulate carbon-containing chemical compounds for an indefinite period. The approach gained popularity after it was mentioned by some during the annual two sessions.

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