Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 OMG! Chinese Buzzwords! (6)

走绳(zǒu shéng)
Slacklining involves balancing and walking on a piece of bouncy nylon rope which is suspended above the ground, trees or other upright structures.

轻博客(qīng bó kè)
Light blogging, short-form blog
China’s is beta-testing its Tumblr-like light blogging product, Sina Qing. It is a blogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to their short-form blogs.

照片轰炸(zhào piàn hōng zhà)
The English buzzword refers to the activity of ruining other people’s photos by making silly faces or moving into the background immediately before the photos are taken.

健商(jiàn shāng)
Health quotient, HQ
Besides IQ and EQ, more people also pursue personal health with HQ, which generally refers to a person’s attitude toward health and their awareness of a healthy lifestyle.

杜康基因(dù kāng jī yīn)
Du Kang gene
The name of Du Kang, the legendary inventor of wine, is often used by Chinese to stand for good wine. Shanghai researchers found that an “alcohol-resistant” gene, ADH1B, nicknamed the Du Kang gene, is widespread among the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans.

维生素小姐(wéi shēng sù xiǎo jiě)
Vitamin lady
Some young women depend on an array of vitamin supplements to replac normal meals in this dubious way of losing weight.

育男(yù nán)
House husband
In Japan, some men took on the task of raising children and doing household chores during the economic recession to make up for the loss they suffered in their careers.

职场冥王星(zhí chǎng míng wáng xīng)
Office Pluto
Some office workers who have a proud history of leading a dream team or achieving outstanding performance have faded into obscurity for various reasons. They are just like Pluto that has been downgraded to a dwarf planet.

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