Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 伤不起(shāngbùqǐ) vulnerable and helpless

伤不起(shāngbùqǐ) vulnerable and helpless



“伤不起,” which is a word from the internet, is a kind of emotional humorous expression. It refers to something that makes someone be unable to withstand a particular influence or pain. It is meant to express the helplessness of one’s heart.



1、Xué FǎYǔ de rén shāngbùqǐ!
It is so hopeless to try to learn French!


2、Yīdào fàngjià jìu hěnnán mǎidào huǒchē piào, shāngbùqǐ de ZhōngGuó tiělù!
As soon as a holiday comes, it is very difficult to buy train tickets. The Chinese railway system is so hopeless!

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