Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 Spike Up Your Energy & Pump That Gas!

Without fail, the crowd will shout out “com’on” or “let’s go” or “woooo” as they’re off their seats with excitement in the United States. We’ve all been there before, rooting and cheering on the sidelines for our teammates, family or friends to win.

Well, in China they’d shout “加油″ which is the equivalent of “com’on” or “let’s go.” Literally, this means to add oil or fuel, 加 means add and 油 means oil or fuel. This phrase can be used in two different ways.

To literally add fuel to a car or a gas (add fuel) station
To encourage someone to make more effort
If you say 加油 to someone at a gas station, it’s understood that they’re going to pump gas. If you’re at a sporting event or even talking about a task that needs to be done, and someone says 加油, it’s for encouragement.

Let’s take a look with examples in the wild!

Example A:
“liǎng háo chē gāng chū jiā yóu zhàn jiù xī huǒ”
“As soon as the two luxury cars left the gas station, they caught on fire”

Example B:
“liú nǚshì hái mòshōu dào jiā yóu kǎ”
“Miss Liu hasn’t received the gas card”

Example C:
“yī míng huá yì qīng nián bái tiān zài yóu zhàn jiā yóu“
“A young Chinese man was at the gas station during the day to refuel“

Example D:
“hūn yīn kè chéng jiù shì gěi nǐ de hūn yīn “jiā yóu”, ràng nǐ de jiā tíng shēng huó gèng hé xié de”
“The Marriage Class is just to give your marriage “more encouragement,” making your family life more harmonious”

Example E:
“yòng ài wéi shēng mìng jiā yóu,“12.12” gǎn kuài jiā rù wǒ men ba!”
“Using love to refuel life, “12.12″ hurry and join us!”

Example F:
“yòng shí jì xíng dòng wèi xīn jiāng jīng jì fā zhǎn jiā yóu“
“Using real actions to help Xinjiang’s economic development”

So whether you’re encouraging your friend to make a winning shot, pep talking your self before making a bold move or needing some gas in your car, know 加油!

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