Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 蜗婚(Wō hūn ) Living together apart


我们之前曾经介绍过年轻恋人或夫妻“分开同居”(即Living Apart Together)的现象,指情侣或夫妻保持固定的情感关系,但是不住在一起。由此类推,“蜗婚”一族选择 离婚后还住在一处,那么我们就可以用living together apart来表示他们的这个状态。






An increasing number of divorced couples choose to live separate lives under the same roof because they can’t make mortgage and rent payments solo. With increasingly expensive property prices, selling their property may not be a wise decision, so they just live together apart in expectation of a rise in their property’s value.

However, even when a split is amicable, living apart under the same roof is not straightforward. There will be new partners. If one of them brings partner back, that will be too fresh and emotional.

For some, living together apart might be a good opportunity to have a second thought about the relationship. And if fortunate enough, they may dig out the problem and get back to happy marriage again.

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