Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 限量版 (xiànliàngbǎn) limited edition

限量版 (xiànliàngbǎn) limited edition



A “限量版” is different from an ordinary commodity. It is a special design or commemorative edition that is sold in limited quantities in order to make it rarer and more expensive. In general, limited edition products are more popular with greater attention, and are sometimes difficult to purchase.



1、Wǒ mǎile yīkuài xiànliàngbǎn de shǒubiǎo.
I bought a limited edition watch.


2、Xiànliàngbǎn BùJiādíWēiLóng liàngxiàng chēzhǎn, shìjué xiàoguǒ lìngrén zhènhàn.
The limited edition Bugatti Veyron took the stage at the auto show. The visual effect was stunning.

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