Chinese language vocabulary 汉语词汇 小清新 (xiǎoqīngxīn) fresh and clean

小清新 (xiǎoqīngxīn) fresh and clean



“小清新”最初指的是一种以清新唯美、随意创作风格见长的音乐类型,也就是人们常说的Indie Pop。之后逐渐扩散到文学、电影、摄影等各种文化艺术领域,具有淡雅、自然、朴实、超脱的特点。在中国,偏清新、唯美的文艺作品,或生活方式深受清新风 格影响的一批年轻人,也被叫做“小清新”。
“小清新” originally refered to a fresh, cute, and free style of music commonly known as Indie Pop. Gradually, it spread to a variety of cultural and artistic fields of literature, film, and photography, all with the characteristics of being elegant, natural, simple, and detached. In China, young people who prefer fresh, aesthetic literary and artistic works, or whose lifestyles have been influenced by this style, are also known as “小清新.”


1、Hěn duō báilǐng nǚxìng piān’ ài xiǎoqīngxīn fēnggé de diànyǐng.
Many white-collar females prefer the fresh and clean style of indie movies.


2、Báisè miánbù qúnzi shì xiǎoqīngxīn men zuì xǐhuan de yīfu.
White cotton skirts are the most favorite pieces of clothing among the fresh and clean style of hipsters.

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