Chinese phrase translation: 精气神儿 (Jíng qì shénr) spirit

精气神儿 (Jíng qì shénr) essence, breath, spirit


“精,” ”气,” and “神” are Daoist terms. The ancient Daoists considered these concepts as the three key factors to keep the human body alive and healthy, so they put great emphasis on protecting them. Nowadays, “精,” “气,” and “神” refer to a person’s mental condition.


1、Qiú yuán men jīn tiān zhuàng tài hěn hǎo ,zhǎn xiàn chū le jīng qì shénr.
The athletes are in good spirits today, showing vitality and vigor.
2、Nǐ jīn tiān tè yǒu jīng qì shénr ,kàn lái nǐ de bìng quán hǎo le.
You are in good spirits today. It looks like you have recovered.

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