Chinese Proverbs on Marriage or Family

The Chinese proverbs(中国谚语Zhōngguó yànyǔ) and four-plus character idioms are developed from the formulaic(If you describe a way of saying or doing something as formulaic, you are criticizing it because it is not original and has been used many times before in similar situations) or social saying/dialect/expression and historical meaning in Chinese language. Here’s the collection of some of the most family proverbs and famous marriage(婚姻hūnyīn) in China. Feel free to use any of those for your need.

1. A family in harmony will prosper in everything.家和万事兴
2. A good husband makes a good wife.夫善则妻贤
3. Each family has its own difficult scripture.家家有一本難念的經
4. Rice is already cooked. 生米煮成饭
5. A good wife and health are a man’s best wealth.妻贤与身体好是男人最大的财富
6. Hearts meet on the dot in a unicorn’s horn. 心有灵犀一点通
7. At the gambling table, there are no fathers and sons.酒桌无父子
8. A family with an old person has a living treasure of gold.家有一老如有一宝
9. True gold fears no fire.真金不怕火炼
10. It is fate and yuanfen that brings two persons together, value an encounter and treasure a relationship.百世修来同船渡,千载修得共枕眠
11. Too many cooks spoil the broth.人多误事
12. General proverbs used to wish the couple well. Hope this helps.共结莲理,永结同心
13. A single member of a family eats; the whole family will not be hungry. 一人吃饱,全家不饥
14. No one knows a son better than the father. 知子莫若父
15. A tiger father has no canine sons. 虎父无犬子
16. Hold your hand and be together with you until we’re old. 执子之手,与子偕老
17. Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.相爱胜似千言万语
18. With a good wife, the husband won’t get in trouble; a bad wife is worse than a dog. 妻賢夫禍少,損友狗不如
19. It is okay to teach someone how to discipline a child, but don’t teach how to divorce one’s wife.寧教人打仔,莫教人分妻
20. Husband and wife are like birds in the woods, when trouble comes, they flee separately. 夫妻本是同林鳥,大難臨頭各自飛
21. Children are eye sores; marriage is like an encounter on a ferry. 兒女眼前冤,夫妻渡客船
22. Brothers are like arms and legs; husband and wife are like clothing.兄弟如手足,夫婦如衣服
23. Wife virtuous, son filial, father lenient. 妻賢子肖父之寬
Virtuous official finds it hard to pass judgements on domestic affairs. 清官難斷家務事
24. To club a tiger, it takes blood brothers.打虎親兄弟
25. The parental love for children is lengthy like the stream, but the children only think of the parents like the wind on the edge of a tree.

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