chinese reading – Nostalgia–Night Thoughts

"Poetry is used to convey one’s affection".  Those who live abroad are filled with homesickness at times. Have you thought about using a poem to express the feeling besides a family call?  Today we’ll appreciate of the poem- "Night Thoughts" which just  conveys the feeling of nostalgia.





Night Thoughts

[The Tang Dynasty] Li Bai

In front of my bed the moonlight is very bright,
I wonder if that can be frost on the floor.
I list up my head and look at the full noon, the dazzling moon,
I dro my head, and think of the home of old days.


1.关于诗歌:中国是诗的国度,唐朝(618年–907年)是中国诗歌的巅峰。诗歌是当时文学的最高代表,也是中国传统文学的重要组成部分。 唐诗对中国文学的影响极为深远。正如人们所说:“熟读唐诗三百首,不会作诗也会吟。”
about poetry: China is a land of poetry,  the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) was the pinnacle of Chinese poetry.  Poetry was the highest representative of literature  at that time,  as well as  an important part of traditional Chinese literature. Tang poetry has profound impacts on Chinese literature. As they say: "be familiared with the 300 Tang Dynasty,even you can’t write a poem, you can recite one."


about the author: Li Bai (701 -762 ),  the word Bai, No. Ching Lin Buddhist. Han,  Tang Dynasty poet,the great Romantic poet of the Tang Dynasty,  who was later known as the "Poetry".  He was good at learning from the folk songs and myths,  and his works was the new peak of positive and romantic poetry since Qu Yuan.

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