Chinese Silks (中国丝绸)

Silk is the iconic product of the ancient China as well as a significant contribution to the world’s civilization. During the Western Han Dynasty (206BC- 24AD), Chinese silk had been famous in the world and exported to Korea and Japan as well as the Middle East and even Western Europe through the renowned Silk Road. It is said that the art of sericulture begun during the time of Yellow Emperor (2697BC- 2599BC), and silk was mass produced in Shang and Zhou dynasties (1600BC- 256BC); in other words, silk has a long history in China at least for 4500 years.

Chinese silk is world-renowned with its excellent quality, exquisite design and color, delicate skill and strong national culture. Considering the texture and workmanship, there are four silk production provinces are recognized with the finest silk, namely, Jiangsu (江苏 Jiāngsū) , Hunan (湖南 Húnán), Sichuan (四川 Sìchuān) and Guangdong (广东 Guǎngdōng). Influenced by geographical conditions, local customs and culture, each of these four silks has developed a style of its own with some respective characteristics. Some are fine in composition, some are bright in color with great variety, and some emphasize the naturalness and rich embroideries.

Chinese embroidery often adheres to the silk, and diverse embroideries have greatly enriched the production of silk. Chinese silk is said to be the best material that close fit human skins with great comfortable sensation, moisture absorption and release, dust absorption, heat resistance and UV protection.

As the long-term development of silk, China now produced hundreds varieties of silk in thousands of colors and designs. Silk with one-side embroidery, double-sided embroidery, double-face with different colors, designs and embroideries, silk products of quilt-cover, pillow-case, table cloth, dress, cloth and shoes are for customer’s options.Silk products are founded in market almost in every city, and the best should be in the specialized shops in the famous production cities and big tourist cities such as Suzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, etc.

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