Chinese Tea Culture 功夫茶 09 Qingdao Laoshan Tea

Chinese Tea Culture 功夫茶 09  Qingdao Laoshan Tea

As a famous breed of green tea in North China, Laoshan tea is produced in Laoshan Mountain in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Being the only mountain over one thousand meters in altitude along China’s coastline, Laoshan Mountain is a time-honored famous Taoist mountain with picturesque scenery and pleasant weather. Tea trees growing here are of long growth period due to the unique weather and favorable entironment. Therefore, the tea leaves nurtured by the excellent natural conditions on the mountain are featured by thickness, mellow savor, abundance in nutrition, and natural fragrance, while the liquor is clear and jade green.

Laoshan tea is a famous breed of tea nurtured by the renowned mountain and springs on it. There are lots of famous springs in the Laoshan Mountain. The water there is clear, free of pollution, sweetish and abundant in minerals beneficial to human health. Laoshan tea brewed in such spring water is excellent in color, figure, scent, savor and artistic conception.

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