Chinese toilet Walkthrough 外国人中国如厕攻略大盘点

In China, most public toilets are squatting ones which can be found in commercial areas and are usually well-marked. 10 tips can guide foreigners in China to solve urgent problem.

The "western" toilet is making inroads into China and in bigcities and airports, you’ll find a few of them in the row oftoilets in the bathroom. However, there are still lots and lots andlots of squatty potties and likely as not, you’ll venture into one.It’s not as hard as it seems, but it’s good to know what you’regetting into before you go…

1. Pack Tissues. Before you even leave the hotel, make sureyou’ve got portable toilet paper with you. Lots of public restroomsdon’t provide it. Wet wipes and hand sanitizer are also good tohave along as if there’s a sink, there may not be any soap, andprobably no towels either。

2. Plan Your Business 1. "Preventive Peeing" or going beforeyou go is a good way to avoid getting caught in a place that won’thave a nice toilet. (Nice doesn’t necessarily mean Western by theway。) Pretend you’re all five years old and make sure everyone goesbefore you leave the house。

3. Plan Your Business 2. If you’re going to be out and about,think about wher you’ll be and try to plan some pit-stops inbetween. Especially in big cities, international hotels, upscalerestaurants and shopping malls will have clean washrooms with mostof the amenities (toilet paper, Western toilets, soap andtowels).Places to avoid using the bathroom: large markets(especially outdoor markets), street-side public bathrooms (thoughthey’re improving), tourist spots。

4. Bag Hand-Off. If you can, hand any unnecessary bags to a friend while youuse the washroom. There are generally no hooks and you’ll need yourhands to balance, to dig around your purse for tissues and to holdon to the door if the lock is broken。

5. Queuing Up. If you find yourself outside the comfort ofyour hotel, don’t panic. It won’t be unbearable. Queues in Chinadon’t work the same way as they do in the States. Women generallyline up in front of a particular stall rather than hang back as oneopens. This can create a free-for-all so it’s best to stick to onedoor and keep your eye on it. If it happens not to be a Westerntoilet, better to get in there than re-queue. Many times, doorshave pictures or signs indicating Western or squat-style toilets.Also, check the lock, if it’s red, then it’s occupied. Green meansfree but always knock.

6. Pants Check. I don’t want to scare you but some washroomsare rather wet – either from splash effect or the toilet maid(usually there is someone assigned to sit in the washroom and cleanit) running amok with her mop. Either way, it’s not moisture youwant on your new linen trousers. If it’s wet, roll them up,especially if you’re in line for a squat toilet. If you see otherChinese ladies rolling, then be sure to. They know something youdon’t.

7. The Squat. OK, well, you’ve found yourself in a squattypotty. It’s really not that bad and many argue it’s actuallyhealthier to go this way than sitting down. Whatever, if you’re notused to it, squatting can be really difficult. Face forward and tryto let your pants down while ensuring that the ends are up(hopefully you’ve rolled) and not touching the floor. There aregrooved places for your feet on either side of the toilet. Try toget somewher in the middle, feet flat on the floor (you don’t wantto fall in, believe me) and aim for the potty.

8. Paper Discard – Not in the Pot! Chinese plumbing in publicrestrooms generally doesn’t handle paper. If you can remember,please put anything other than #1 or #2 in the basket. Try as hardas you can NOT to look at the basket, it’s usually open and teemingwith things on which you’d rather not lay eyes.

9. Finish Up. Out you go, you accomplished squat toilet user.Unroll your pants, wash your hands, if you can, and find yourfriends waiting for you outside.
结束。用完厕所,你已经完成了作为一个使用蹲厕的人的步骤。放下你的裤腿,洗干净手,然后找到在外面等你的朋友= =

10. Know the toilet chacter. If you need to answer the nature’s call, look for a "WC" sign. A useful word to know is Ce Suo/Weishengjian ( washroom ), which is Chinese for toilet.If you are man, keep the character"男(nán)" in your mind; or if you are woman, try to remember "女(nǚ)" in your heart.

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