Chinese Word Translation: vulnerable and helpless 伤不起(shāngbùqǐ)

伤不起(shāngbùqǐ) vulnerable and helpless

Usage Notes:

“伤不起,” which is a word from the internet, is a kind of emotional humorous expression. It refers to something that makes someone be unable to withstand a particular influence or pain. It is meant to express the helplessness of one’s heart.
伤不起 shāngbùqǐ:vulnerable and helpless
网络 wǎnɡluò:internet
语言 yǔyán:language
诙谐 huīxié:humorous
无奈 wúnài:helplessness

Example sentence:

Xué FǎYǔ de rén shāngbùqǐ!
It is so hopeless to try to learn French!
Yīdào fàngjià jìu hěnnán mǎidào huǒchē piào, shāngbùqǐ de ZhōngGuó tiělù!
As soon as a holiday comes, it is very difficult to buy train tickets. The Chinese railway system is so hopeless!

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