Chiristmas food in China 中国圣诞节的传统食物

The safe fruit may be called the apple, because “the apple” also is the safe harmonics, moreover is the safe fruit’s harmonics, therefore delivers the apple. Most starts to deliver the apple also is the source in China. The Christmas day day before, is called the Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve coming soon time, the people deliver the named “the safe fruit” gift.
平安果可以叫苹果,因为“苹果”也是平平安安的谐音,而且是平安果的谐音,所以送苹果。 最开始送苹果也是源于中国。圣诞节的前一天,被称为平安夜。 平安夜即将来临之际,人们就送叫做“平安果”的礼物。
“The safe fruit” may be, many for red snake fruit, eurypholis major fruit which with each one luster bright, the appearance attractive import apple dresses up becomes, certainly also has the domestically produced red Fuji apple carries on the packing to play the role of “the safe fruit”.It is said, “the safe fruit” is symbolizing safely, auspicious meaning, the reason that regards as “the apple” “the safe fruit” first choice, has taken “the apple” pronunciation. The water fruit merchant dresses up “the safe fruit” is young people’s inspiration.When starts, has some young people to buy 1or 2 import apples, then attains the gift shop to get the packing, prepares in the Christmas
Eve when the gift gives the friend, this “the opportunity” is caught immediately by the astute merchant. It is interested many to this kind of new thing for some young people, they all thought will have “safely” the significance gift with 5 Yuan to give the friend a value.It seems like that, Christmas Eve is transmitting “the safe fruit” quietly while the people hand, also is transmitting a happy blessing.
“平安果”可以是用一个个色泽鲜艳、样子好看的进口苹果装扮而成的,多为红蛇果、青蛇果,当然也有把国产的红富士苹果进行包装扮成“平安果”的。据说,“平安果”象征着平安、祥和之意,之所以把“苹果”当成“平安果”的首选,是取了“苹果”的字音。 水果商装扮“平安果”是受年轻人的启发。开始时,有一些年轻人买一两个进口苹果,然后拿到礼品店打上包装,准备在平安夜当礼物送给好朋友,这一“商机”马上被精明的商人捕捉到。 对这种新东西感兴趣的多为一些青少年,他们都觉得用5元钱将赋有“平安”意义的礼物送给朋友挺值。看来,平安夜在人们手中悄悄传递着“平安果”的同时,也在传递着一份美好的祝福。 

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