Daily Figurative Slangs 打电话 Make & Take Phone Calls

打电话 Make & Take Phone Calls

A:喂,你好,是XX宾馆吗?Hello! Is it XX hotel?


A:请转202房间。Please transfer me to Room 202.

B:好的,请稍等。Just a seccon.

A:喂,是李经理吗?Hello! Is it Manager Li/

C:是我,请问您哪位?Yes, and you are?

A:李经理你好,我是赵斌。Hello, Mr. Li. It’s me, Zhao Bin.


Oh, it’s you. Hello, Mr.Zhao. I’ve been calling you, but I couldn’t get into touch with you.

A:哦,不好意思,我在飞机上,手机没开。I’m sorry.I have been on the plane and turned off my mobile phone.

C:有时间咱们见个面吧?When will you be free for us to meet?

A:明天下午吧,三点钟,可以吗?What about 3 o’clock tomorrow afternoon?

C:可以,在哪儿见呢?That’s fine, but wher?

A:XX宾馆咖啡厅吧,怎么样?What about the coffee bar of XX hotel?

C:好的,明天见。Ok, see you tommorrow.

A:明天见。 See you then.

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