Diagram of the Hand 手掌骨全息图

To diagnose a patient, the doctor must first touch the Second metacarpal bone. The patient’s overall health and physical condition can be evaluated by analyzing this bone, which provides different results than performing face, tongue or ear diagnosis, or one involving the palmar creases.

From the base of the index finger to the wrist there is a bone: the second metacarpal bone. A solid second metacarpal bone without any extra flesh, sags and crests or calcium deficiency indicates that the person has been physically active in his or her childhood and is now physically fit in adulthood.
A second metacarpal bone with bumps and holes indicates that the person is frail and vulnerable to diseases since his / her childhood.
A second metacarpal bones with facade between the above two categories, with only one or two bumps, needs to be identified with the corresponding organs of the bumps’ location according to the diagram of the metacarpal bones. For instance, the midpoint of the link between the head acupoint and feet acupoint refer to the health condition of the stomach, and the midpoint between the stomach acupoint and head acupoint refer to the health condition of are the lungs and heart.

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