Different Function of Chinese Last Names

Napolen, is a short sized French military officer. Meanwhile, due to its social features, and as the symbol of a person, names are also scented with lawful meanings, it is registerd by the police institutes, and names with its country and origins is also a part of a person’s identification ,it stands for a person’s entity and obligations of the Chinese last names.
With the rapid development of the society and our nation, from the very beginning to its current evolution, names are entitled with the connotations of being increasingly complex, a kind of family relationship, which can also be said as from generation to generations, it means the ongoing of their given names, and also the kinship of their family, the continuing of their genes, and especially in conditions that people use the family spectrum as their names, it can be seen as a profound religion perception and cultural features, it shows the kinship among the generations, forming the poper of cohesion of their affinity.
Secondly is the color of the will of people’s names, according to the rich content of mandarin, names and Chinese last names are entitled to different meanings, parents all wish that their children can have a bright future, and achieve something in the future, when they are making names for their next generations, they are filled with many good wishes and expectation of their children, therefore names are all filled with the deep love and expectation of the new lives. And metaphored with different amibitions and dreams, interest,hobbies and persuits, some wish to carry forward their family.

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