Fa Zhan 发展- Daily Mandarin Lesson


    development; growth; to develop; to grow; to expand


    Tone marks: ► fā zhǎn
    Tone numbers: fa1 zhan3

Chinese Characters

    Traditional: 發展
    Simplified: 发展

    First Character: 發 (fā) – to send out; to show (one`s feeling); to issue; to develop
    Second Character: 展 (zhǎn) – to use; to spread out; to postpone; to unfold

Examples of Fā Zhǎn
    ► Zhègè ànzi yǒu xīn de fāzhǎn.
    trad – 這個案子有新的發展。
    simp – 这个案子有新的发展。
    There are new developments in this legal case.

    ► Tā juédìng zhāo yǎnyì jiè fāzhǎn.
    trad – 她決定朝演藝界發展。
    simp – 她决定朝演艺界发展。 She has decided to start a career in the entertainment industry.

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