Fang Jia – Daily Mandarin Lesson 放假


    go on vacation; have a holiday


    Tone marks: ► fàng jià
    Tone numbers: fang4 jia4

Chinese Characters

    Traditional: 放假
    Simplified: 放假

    First Character: 放 (fàng) – to release; to free; to let go; to put; to place; to let out
    Second Character: 假 (jià) – fake; false; artificial; to borrow; if; suppose

Examples of Fàng Jià
    ► A: Jīn tiān nǐ zěnme méi yǒu qù shàng bān?
    A: Why haven’t you gone to work today?

    ► B: Jīn tiān wǒ fang jià.
    B: 今天我放假。
    B: 今天我放假。
    B: I have a holiday today.

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