Folklores of Guyuyan

A small town named Eerjiegou near the estuary of Liaohe River has served as the foothold and colony of a special fishing group – "Guyuyan" – for all ages. Fishers belonging to the group have no fishing capacity at high seas. They have to migrate along the coast like migratory birds, catching fish and shrimp on mudflats and epeiric seas close to the estuary. They are called "Guyuyan" by common people living near the estuary of Liaohe River, due to the unlocated primitive means of subsistence (fishing) they have succeeded to. Over the thousands of migrating years, they have experienced crudeness of the nature and created the precious and profoundly-connoted Yuyan culture.

Guyuyan in Erjiegou Town refers to fishers migrating by land and water from the central and eastern region of Hebei Province in North China. They are the creators and successors of Guyuyan folklore which is characterized by small length, simple scenario, primitive content and deficiency of development and change. Guyuyan folklore prevailing in Eerjiegou Town near the estuary of Liaohe River mainly includes the following contents: worship of primogenitors, worship of sea god, worship of Dragon King, fete and celebration as well as origination and evolution of fishing gear, etc. Guyuyan folklore is the most typical form of literature in the place.

Guyuyan folklore narrates and reflects this ancient type of human civilization in a fairly integral way in the form of oral history. It is of high historical value due to the primitiveness of the myths and legends. Legends about experience and techniques of ancient fishing gear, boatbuilding, navigation and processing in Guyuyan folklore are of extremely high scientific value. Moreover, the enterprising spirit embodied in the folklore – taking adventure to exploit new sea routes and discover new fishing grounds – is of unique cultural value and crucial realistic significance for the enhancement of ocean awareness, development of ocean economy, and purification of ocean environment. 

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