Fried Shelled Shrimps with Biluochun Tea 碧螺虾仁

Style of cooking: Jiangsu cuisine
Flavor: fresh scent
Fried shelled shrimps with Biluochun tea is a dish in Suzhou style. In this dish, the chefs makes use of Biluochun tea as an ingredient, which provides the dish with an aroma of tea and a fresh flavor, making it a light, refreshing dish, with a simple but elegant color.
350g of large and fresh shelled shrimps, 10g of Biluochun tea, 6-7g of refined salt, 1 egg (egg white), 20-25g of dry starch and 400g of salad oil (about 50g will be used)
Cooking method:
1. Clean the fresh and large shelled shrimps, blanch them and dry. Put them in a bowl and put in the refined salt, the egg white and the dry starch, and then stir them well to mix them together.
2. Make another cup of Biluochun tea.
3. Heat the wok to high heat and pour in the salad oil; heat the oil until it gets to 120℃; then put the shelled shrimps in and scatter them slightly with chopsticks. When the shrimps are oyster white, put them in the colander to drain the oil. Heat the wok to high heat again.
4. Put the shrimps into the wok and pour about 30g of Biluochun tea in, and stir and fry them just before serving, squeeze some tea water from the tea leaves and put them around the shelled shrimps as ornaments. The dish- fried shelled shrimps with Biluochun tea is now finished.

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