Fu Ze 负责- Daily Mandarin Lesson


    in charge of; to be responsible for something


    Tone marks: ► fù zé
    Tone numbers: fu4 ze2

Chinese Characters

    Traditional: 負責
    Simplified: 负责

    First Character: 負 (fù) – lose; negative (math. etc.); to bear; to carry (on one`s back)
    Second Character: 責 (zé) – duty; responsibility; to reproach; to blame

Examples of Fù Zé

    ► Tā fùzé jiēdài wàibīn.
    trad – 她負責接待外賓。
    simp – 她负责接待外宾。
    She is responsible for receiving foreign guests.

    ► Nǐ bìxū duì zìjǐ de xíngwéi fùzé.
    trad – 你必須對自己的行為負責。
    simp – 你必须对自己的行为负责。
    You have to be responsible for your own actions.

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