Gan Dong 感动- Daily Mandarin Lesson


    to move (sb); to touch; moving


    Tone marks: ► gǎn dòng
    Tone numbers: gan3 dong4

Chinese Characters

    Traditional: 感動
    Simplified: 感动

    First Character: 感 (gǎn) – to feel; to move; to touch; to affect
    Second Character: 動 (dòng) – to use; to act; to move; to change

Examples of Gǎn Dòng
    ► Wǒ bèi tā de yǎnshuō gǎndòng le.
    trad – 我被她的演說感動了。
    simp – 我被她的演说感动了。
    I was moved by her speech.

    ► Zhè shì yī bù gǎndòng rénxīn de hǎo diànyǐng.
    trad – 這是一部感動人心的好電影。
    simp – 这是一部感动人心的好电影。
    This movie is very touching.

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