Going to the Barbers 理发(3)

Dominic: Let’s see some other phrases that can be useful when you are getting your haircut.

(Barber finishes.)
Barber: 好了,您觉得怎么样?( Hǎo le, nín juédé zěnmeyànɡ?)

(Dominic examines hair in mirror.)
Dominic: 不错,不错,谢谢你!In fact, I think I might come here again. 可以给我张名片吗?(Kéyǐ ɡěiwǒ zhānɡ mínɡpiàn mɑ?)
Barber: 好的。(Hǎo de.)

(Barber goes to pick a card at the cash desk. Comic scene: Ludo in the background is sitting reading a magazine with his head under a hair drying hood machine.)

Barber: 给您。(Gěi nín.)
Dominic: 谢谢你。(Xièxiè nǐ.)

(Dominic now enjoys massage in the barber’s chair.)
Dominic: If you’re lucky, after your haircut, you may get treated to a Chinese specialty, what’ known as an 按摩. Literally that means “push rub” and can be translated as, you guessed it, a massage. This is Dominic Swire being massaged for CRI. The things I do for this job. (End)

Language points:

Qǐnɡ biéjiǎn tàiduǎn.
Please don’t cut too short.
Qǐnɡ bǎ tóudǐnɡ duō jiǎn diánér.
A little more off the top.
Kéyǐ ɡěiwǒ zhānɡ mínɡpiàn mɑ?
Can you give me a business card?

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