Gongfu Tea and Tea Water – Gongfu Tea 最是工夫茶与汤——工夫茶

乌龙茶在福建、广东及台湾别称“工夫茶”。茶具精致、泡工独特,饮用程式讲究,既是平时佐以时日的一种习俗,又是交际往来的第一道礼节,泡茶用水,以泉水为佳,一般用半发酵后既烘炒定型的铁观音等。冲泡时先烫壶烫杯,再把茶叶装入壶中约七成满,同时要掌握 “高冲”、”低洒”、“刮沫”、“淋盖”、“烧杯热罐”、“澄清”等要领。
In Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan, Oolong Tea is also known as “Gongfu tea”. The tea set is exquisite, the tea making technique is unique and the tea drinking process is particular. It is a kind of custom in daily life and a courtesy in interpersonal communication. Spring water and the Tieguanyin tea which is first semi-fermented and then roasted into shape are best choices of making Gongfu tea. When making tea, the teapot and teacups will be cleaned by boiling water first. Then pour the tea leaves in the teapot and fill 70% of the teapot. In addition, the main points of “pouring from a high level and spraying at a low level”, “removing foam”, “pouring cover”, “heating cups and teapot with boiling water” and “clearing tea” should be mastered.
As the saying goes like that the most delicious food throughout the Southeast is Chaozhou Cuisine; and what is more amazing is Gongfu Tea.

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