“Green Onion Pancake”, A Snack Hiding on the Street Corner 藏在街角的小吃“葱油饼”

Though the Green onion Pancake is small and has a simple appearance, as one of the commonly found snacks, it is very popular. Green onion Pancakes are a snack that is only sold at many street corners. There is always a handcart at the gate of many residential quarters, appearing at a certain time throughout the year. Many Green onion Pancake stands are run by couples. The husband makes the pancakes and the wife cooks the pancakes and collects money. They are often very busy…
A lot of old-fashioned Green onion Pancakes are made by putting puff pastry, the chopped green onion and a large piece of greasy pork in the prepared dough; then frying it on a frying pan. When its two sides are fried until they are golden, put it in the stove and bake it for 10 seconds to make the outside layer crisper. It takes about 10 minutes to make such Green onion Pancakes from making them to taking them from the stove. The roasted golden crispy Green onion Pancakes are placed on the table neatly. The most delicious part of the old-fashioned Green onion Pancake is the outside layer. When having a bite, you can feel the crispness and taste the flavor of green onion and meat. If the pancake is roasted crispier, it will be even more delicious.

Now many homemade Green onion Pancakes are relatively soft and thick due to the leavened dough. If you want to be more creative, you can also add an egg on the Green onion Pancake and let the egg spread over the whole Green onion Pancake so that you will be fuller after eating it. Green onion Pancakes can also be eaten with small wontons, with pepper and chili soup and soft bean curd. They are a classic choice, whether as snack or as breakfast.

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