Guzheng music “A wonderful night in spring” 古筝曲《春江花月夜》

“A wonderful night in spring”, originally a Pipa archaic music, is a treasure of Chinese music. It is also called “Music at sunset time”, “Xunyang Pipa”, “A moon night in Xunyang”, “Xunyang music”, afterwards, it was adapted into national orchestral music named so. This songwas adapted into Pipa and Guzheng duet by the famous Guzheng player and educator Qiu Dacheng.
The original music demonstrates a woman’s pain of separation. In the adapted music, the theme changes into the description of sunset, cloud and moon, fishing boat and fish man’s song. The whole music is composed of “moon on the east mountain”,“flower and its shadow”, “fish man’s song”, “deep water and floating clouds”, “huge wave paving the beach”, and “bell and drum on the river house”, thus picturing beautiful scenery in Jiangnan water town. It sounds like a wonderful landscape,quiet and elegant, with deep conception, hencebeing adored by audiences at home and abroad.
Guzheng music “A wonderful night in spring” starts in a beautiful melody, and pictures a grand view just like the poet says, “No dust has stained the water blending with the skies; A lonely wheel like(round) moon shines brilliant far and wide”. And then it describes the huge wave paving the beach, finally, it ends in a slow melody. The whole music depicts charming scenery in a spring night by the use of tactical and vivid melody. It is like an elegant landscape picture, which fully demonstrates the Chinese nationality’s love towards nature and pursuit of poetic realm.

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