hot words 热词 – 【外交官汉语词汇六】:2013两会词汇6

51 加快西藏新疆的跨越式发展
Make substantial strides in achieving/realizing leapfrog development of Tibet and Xinjiang.

52 加强对局部和区域性风险金融风险的监控
Tighten oversight over financial risks in certain/some sectors and regions.

53 加强各项制度的完善和衔接
Improve and coordinate all social security programs

54 加强领导干部廉洁自律的监督管理
Strengthen oversight and supervision of the activities of leading officials to ensure they maintain personal integrity and self-discipline.

55 加强政府自身建设
improve governance

56 坚持科学决策,民主决策,依法决策,健全公众参与,专家论证,风险评估,合法性审查和集体讨论等政府决策程序
We have taken the following steps to improve government decision making procedures: make policy decisions rationally and democratically in accordance with the law, solicit public opinions, and conduct expert eva1uation, risk assessment, review of laws, and collective discussion.

57 坚持走中国特色新型工业化道路,大力推进产业转型升级
Pursue a strategy of embarking on a new path of industrialization with distinctive Chinese features whilst promoting the transformation and upgrading of industrial sectors.

58 坚定不移反腐倡廉
Be unwavering as we combat corruption and uphold integrity

59 坚定不移扩大对外开放,全面提升开放型经济水平
Continue to open China wider to the outside world in order to improve its economic performance in the fullest way

60 建立了城镇居民基本医疗保险制度
We have established a basic medical insurance scheme for non-working urban residents

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