How Do People in China Celebrate Christmas?中国人怎么过圣诞节

Chinese Christmas is primarily a non-religious year-end celebration heavily influenced by the Chinese interest in Western culture.Even though most Chinese people are not Christians, there are still some that celebrate the holiday by following Christian traditions.

Decorations: In big cities of China, Chinese decorate trees, called Trees of Light, with paper flowers, lanterns and chains on public places. Chinese Christians often decorate their homes with paper lanterns and lights during Christmas,and children hang stockings made of muslin.

Church Services: Chinese Christians go to church if this religious tradition is an important part of your Christmas celebration. Midnight Mass is popular with the small Catholic population.

Store Santas: In order to promote their Christmas goods, a lot of men dressed as Santa and waitresses wearing Santa hats, distribute candy to shoppers and children.

Gift Giving: when the Chinese wrap gifts, they look for happy colors, such as red, pink or yellow. White, blue and black are mourning colors that should never be used for wrapping there.They should never be covered in wrapping featuring birds, which are a symbol of death in Chinese culture.In China, a recipient traditionally reacts to Christmas gifts.Gifts are exchanged with loved ones to show love and care for one another. And they will say" Merry Christmas " (in Chinese: 圣诞节快乐!shèngdànjié kuàilè !)

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