How to read Chinese number?

Chinese number ystem does have some tricky parts, but once you’ve learnt it you will know how to read out any number in Chinese. Single digits are handled the same way as in English, nothing tricky there.

Eleven, twelve and the teens are handled very logically – they’re formed with 十 followed by a digit 一 to 九. So eleven is 十一, twelve is 十二, thirteen is 十三 and so on up to nineteen, which is 十九.

十 x
All the tens are also formed very logically. Twenty is 二十, thirty is 三十 and so on. Units in the tens are simply added on the end. So twenty one is 二十一, thirty four is 三十四 and ninety nine is 九十九. All very logical and consistent.

x+ 十 + y
二十三 = 23

And one hundred is simply 一百, as in English. So you now know how to count to one hundred in Chinese.

Structure of After one hundred
Note: when there’s a "0" in the middle of a number, you read it as 零 (líng), and don’t put a number after it.
So for "103" you would say:

一百 零 三 (Note the lack of 十 here.) = 103

一百 零十 三 (The 十 is unwanted here.) =130

三百一十八 = 318

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