Hui 会- Daily Mandarin Lesson

If you are able to do something that requires skill, you can use the Mandarin Chinese huì. Although this can translate as “can,” there are several ways to say “can” depending on whether you are talking about permission (kěyǐ), abililty (néng), or mastery of a skill (huì).

Huì is a single character: 會. It means “to be able to,” in the sense of acquiring a skill or knowledge. It is used when referring to activities such as speaking a foreign language or mastering cooking skills. In this sense, it can be modified with很 (hěn) to show a mastery of a certain skill.

The character 會 is also used as a future marker to indicate that something is likely to happen.
Examples of Huì
    Tā hěn huì chàng gē.
    She can really sing well.

    Wǒ bú huì shuō fǎ wén.
    I can’t speak French.

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