Huqingyu Tang Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture 胡庆余堂中药文化

Time: 2006
Category: Traditional medicine and pharmacopeia
Region: Zhejiang Province
Ref. No.: Ⅸ—8
Nominating unit[s]: Hu Qing Yu Tang Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicines
Huqingyu Tang, also known as the Southern Medicine King, was founded by the Red Cap Businessman Hu Xueyan in 1874 and is located at Qinghefang in Hangzhou. Since the Southern Song Dynasty when Lin’an was set as the capital, now known as Hangzhou, to the Ming and Qing dynasties, an array of medicine shops has formed in the Qinghefang area. Such shops include the Southern Song Dynasty’s Bao He tang, Ming Dynasty’s Zhu Yang Xin Plasters Shop, late Qing Dynasty’s “Great Six Medicine Shop” such as Huqingyu Tang, Yezhongde Tang, Fang Huichun Tang and many more. Huqingyu Tang has carried on the pharmaceutical skills and industrial regulations of the Formularies of the Bureauof People’s Welfare Pharmacies created by the Southern Song Dynasty officials. In this sense, Hangzhou can be regarded as the birthplace of ancient Chinese pharmaceuticals, and Huqingyu Tang has well inherited this good tradition.
Huqingyu Tang has a number of rich traditional business practices that have been preserved over the years.
One is the “fraud is forbidden” culture, which also serves as the shop motto of Huqingyu Tang and was written by Hu Xueyan. Huqingyu Tang has abided by this principle and the ethics of traditional Chinese medicine for more than 130 years. A set of business concepts and store rules featuring the “fraud is forbidden” motto advocates social morals beyond the business environment.
Huqingyu Tang has preserved many ancient folk prescriptions and secret recipes. Many pharmaceutical workers still know many of the secrets of TCM, and these individuals will play an indispensable role in preserving the craft.
A number of modern influences – technology, climate change, environmental pollution, varying cultural factors – are threatening the traditions of Huqingyu Tang. As a result, Huqingyu Tang has devoted human and material resources to develop a practical protection program.
Feng Gensheng

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