Jie Hun 结婚- Daily Mandarin Lesson

Perhaps due to the importance of family in Chinese culture, everyone is interested in who is married and who is not. If you visit a Mandarin-speaking country, you will likely be asked if you are married.

The Mandarin Chinese phrase for “married” is jié hūn which has two characters: 結婚. The first character, jié, means “knot,” “bond,” or “to bind.” The second character, hūn, means “to marry” or “marriage.” The literal translation of jié hūn is “to tie in marriage.”
Examples of Jie Hun

    Nǐ jiéhūn le ma?
    Are you married?

    Tā gēn Lĭ Měi Róu jiéhūn.
    He is married to Mei Rou Lee.

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