Jing Chang 经常- Daily Mandarin Lesson


    day to day; everyday; daily; frequently; constantly; regularly; often


    Tone marks: ► jīng cháng
    Tone numbers: jing1 chang2

Chinese Characters

    Traditional: 經常
    Simplified: 经常

    First Character: 經 (jīng) – classics; sacred book; pass through; to undergo; scripture
    Second Character: 常 (cháng) – always; ever; often; frequently; common; general; constant

Examples of Jīng Cháng
    ► Tāmen jīngcháng chǎojia.
    They frequently quarrel.

    ► Zìcóng ānzhuāng xīn de ruǎntǐ hòu wǒde diànnǎo jīngcháng chūxiàn wèntí.
    自從安裝新的軟體後 我的電腦經常出現問題。
    自从安装新的软体后 我的电脑经常出现问题。
    Ever since the new software was installed, I’ve been having frequent problems with my computer.

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