Laoban 老板- Daily Mandarin Lesson

Titles are important in Chinese culture, and they are used more frequently than in most Western countries.

The title for “shopkeeper” is lǎobǎn. This is used to refer to the owner or proprietor of a shop. Lǎobǎn can be used when referring to or addressing the shopkeeper.

Lǎobǎn has two characters: 老闆. The first one, lǎo, means “old,” and is a term of respect. It is the same character used in lǎoshī (teacher). The second character, bǎn, means “boss,” so the literal translation of lǎobǎn “old boss.”

Examples of Lǎobǎn
    Nèigè lǎobǎn yǒu mài hěn hǎo de dōngxī.
    That shopkeeper has very good things.

    Lǎobǎn hǎo. Yǒu méiyǒu mài píngguǒ?
    老闆好. 有沒有賣蘋果?
    老板好. 有没有卖苹果?
    Hello. Do you sell apples?

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