【Learn a word】 粉丝 (fěn sī) Fans

"粉丝" (fěn sī)  is a common food in China. It is made from green beans and sweet potato starch and looks like thin noodles. However, the "粉丝" on the lips of today’s youth are not edible. Originally it is a transliteration of the English word "fans" which refer to people who are infatuated by someone or something. In other words, "fans" refer to those who are crazy about somebody or something and go after them. For example, "NBA粉丝" means "NBA fans", and "Yao Ming’s 粉丝" and "Messi’s 粉丝" refer to followers of Yao Ming and Messi respectively. Are you a 粉丝(fěn sī)? Of whom? Share with us!

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