Learn Chinese – How Many Chinese Characters Are There?

 In order to learn Chinese, you have to learn many characters. But how many do you need to learn? Well, I have to say the answer varies from case to case. Chinese is the oldest written language and it has undergone 3 major transformations. The simplification movement was the third change and it gave the written language its final look.
According to the Chart of Generally Utilized Characters of Modern Chinese, the number of existing characters is 7,000. Is it a high number? You will be shocked when you find the Great Compendium of Chinese Characters defines the existence of 54,678 characters. Luckily, the Chart of Common Characters of Modern Chinese only includes 3500 characters. In fact, you only need to know 2600 characters to pass HSK exam at the highest level.
Do you want to learn Chinese calligraphy? It is the art of writing and only a culture as rich as China’s is able to develop a written language both beautiful in its content and in its form.

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