Lesson 014 In the Airport, Goodbye.

S: 大家好!我是S.
M: dajia hao! Wo shi ML.
S: Remember, 请,please, qǐng, please say the Chinese out loud with us.
M: And we’ll be feichang gaoxing. Hao, now for last lesson’s dialogue. Try to mimic us. We’ll say most things twice. Ready? The taxi’s here. Now we’ll leave the airport. 车来了, chē láile. 现在,我们离开机场,xianzai, women likai jichang.
S: My luggage is very heavy. 我的行李很沉。Wo de xingli hen chen. Driver, can you help me? 司机,你能帮我吗? Sīji, nǐ néng bāng wǒ ma?
TD: Mei wenti.
S: Xiexie.
M: Stuart and I will sit in the front. Stuart 和我坐前面。我们坐在前面. Women zuò zòi qiánmian.
S: Did you get most of it?
M: Including how to say ‘leave’, as in ‘leave the airport’? Right, it’s líkāi LI KAI likai.
S: Lí Kāi. Good. So it’s break time.
S: Break over! Now repeat the following with us.
M: Stuart, please open the door. 请开门。Qǐng kāimén.
S: Hao, wo lai kai men. Wo lai kai men.
M: Xiexie. Now we get in the cab. 现在,我们上车, women shàng chē.
S: We’re in. 我们上车了。Women shang che le.
M: Stuart, please close the door. 请关门。Qǐng guān mén.
S: 好,我来关门。Wo lai guan men. The door’s closed, Mén guān le, men guan le, and …..
M: We’ve left the jichang. 我们离开了机场, women líkāi le jīchǎng.
S: At last! I’m so happy. 我非常高兴. wo feichang gaoxing.
M: So am I, wo ye shi, wo ye shi. So am I. So happy, that now we’ll explain the new stuff.
M: 请开门. qǐng kāi mén. qǐng QING qing, ‘please’. Kāi KAI kāi, to ‘open’.
S: and mén MEN mén, is ‘door’ mén.
M: So, you people at home, try to say ‘please open the door’. … No no, not in Chinese, but in English… dui le, qing kai men, qing kai men.
S: Women shàng chē. chē CHE CHE chē, literally, means ‘vehicle’. Here, shàng chē, means ‘get in the car’.
M: Now say, ‘please get in the car’ in Chinese …… Dui le, qǐng shàng chē, qing shang che.
S: And guān GUAN guān, means ‘shut’, guan. Now say, ‘please shut the door’. …… Right, qing guan men, qing guan men.
M: And remember the little ‘le’ after the verb – it indicates completion. Listen.
S: .wo lai guan men. Let me close the door. Men guan le, the door’s closed. So can you say ‘I’ve closed the door’? Try …… Hen hao! Wo guan le men. Wo guan le men.
S: And I’m so happy! Wo feichang gaoxing. ML, ni ye gaoxing ma?
M: shi de, wo ye hen gaoxing. And all you people listening, nimen gaoxing ma?
S: I can hear them shouting, Shi de, women ye feichang gaoxing.
M: So now we can have a rest. Until the next lesson, zaijian.
S: Zaijian!

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