Lesson 026 We'll Go to Your Room.

M: Da jia hao! Huanying dao Learn Chinese Now. Wo shi ML.
S: Wo shi Stuart. Before women kaishi, don’t forget to repeat everything with us.
M: At the end of our last lesson, Stuart just needed his key, tā de yàoshi.
S: Now I have my key. Xiànzài wǒ yǒu wǒ de yàoshi.
M: So now we’ll go to your room. Xianzai women qu nide fangjian. Xianzai women qu nide fangjian.
S: wher’s the lift? 电梯在哪儿?Diàntī zài nǎr?
M: 电梯在那儿。Diàntī zài nàr。
S: You get in first, ML. ML, 你先进,ni xian jin.
M: 不,bu! 你先进。
S: 别客气,请,qing.
M: 好吧,xiexie.
S: What floor? 几楼? Ji lou?
M: 14th floor. Shí sì lóu. shí sì lóu.
S: Hao, women qu shisi lou. Hao, women qu shisi lou.
M: And we’ll practice the new stuff on the way up.
S: Ok, we are back again. I’m feeling lazy, wher’s the lift? Dianti zai nar?
M: Dianti zai nar. Dian DIAN dian, means electric, like in ‘dianhua’, ‘electric words’, or ‘telephone’. Ti TI ti, is ‘ladder’, or ‘staircase’.
S: So guess what dianti means. Dui le. ‘Lift’ or ‘elevator’, dianti.
M: The lift is there. Diantizai nar, dianti zai nar.
S: Ever the gentleman, I said. ML, 妳先进.
M: ni xian jin qu. Xian XIAN xian, means ‘first’ or ‘before’. Jin JIN jin, 4th tone, here means ‘to enter’. Ni xian jin. You get in first.
S: Ni xian jin. Also polite, ML replied,
M: 不,你先进。But Stuart insisted.
S: Qing. Please.
M: We often say qing, when offering to let someone on the bus first, or go through the door first, that type of situation.
S: And I asked, ‘what floor?’ Ji lou. You often hear nice people ask you this in the lift, and you can ask them if they can’t reach the buttons.
M: ji lou? Ji JI ji, means ‘how many?’. Lou LOU lou, means ‘storey’, ‘floor’. Ji lou? What floor? Ji lou?
S: shi si lou, 14th floor, shi si lou.
M: The dialogue again. 现在我们去你的房间. Xianzai women qu nide fangjian.
S: 电梯在哪儿? Dianti zai nar?
M: 电梯在那儿. Dianti zai nàr.
S: ML, 妳先进, ni xian jin.
M: bù,nǐ xiān jìn.
S: Qing.
M: xiexie.
S: 几楼? Ji lou?
M: Shí sì lóu. shí sì lóu.
S: 好,我们去十四楼. Hao, women qu shisi lou.
M: And up we go! 我们上去. Women shang qu.
S: Great! 我们到了十四楼. Wǒmen dào le shí sì lóu. And here is my room, 我的房间在这儿。我开门,I’ll open the door. ML, qǐng.
M: xiexie.
S: Qing. I use it all the time.
M: So it’s a good time to 下课, xia ke.
S: Wo tong yi. Women xia ke. Zai jian.

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