Lesson 036 Revision of Ordering Drinks

M: 朋友们,你们好. 我是曼丽. With wo de tongshi, Stuart.
S: Da jia hao!
M: We’ll start with a puzzle. I work with Stuart. Stuart是我的同事, Stuart shi wo de tongshi.
S: What does 同事, tongshi mean?
M: A clue: tongyi, meaning ‘agree’, literally means, ‘same idea’. And tongshi literally means ‘same business’.
S: So tongshi is? Dui le, colleague, or co-worker. So say, ‘he is my colleague’. …..
M: Hen hao. 他是我的同事. Ta shi wo de tong shi.
S: Women zai jiǔbā. Listen and repeat with us, loudly. The drinks aren’t free, so we have to learn a bit about money, and listen out for how we say ‘two beers’.
M: With us are Mary and Li xiansheng. 李先生是玛丽的朋友, Li xiansheng shi Mali de pengyou. Stuart 是我的同事, Stuart shi wo de tongshi.
S: Mary wants a cola, Li xiansheng a beer, and I fancy another beer. ML’s ok for now.
M: Stuart calls the waitress
S: 小姐, xiaojie.
WAITRESS: What would you like? 你要什么? Ni yao shenme?
S: 朋友们,你们好! Wo shi Stuart.
M: Wo shi ML. Let’s not waste time. 我们不要浪费时间 women bu yao langfei shijian.
S: Because today is 复习, revision, fuxi. Revise this week’s lessons, plus a bit of new stuff. Women zai jiuba. What shall I drink? Wo xiang he shenme? A glass of beer! 我想喝一杯啤酒. Wo xiang he yi bei pijiu. ML, 你想喝什么? Ni xiang he shenme?
M: Iced water. 我想喝冰水. Wo xiang he bing shui.
S: 小姐, please bring请来, 请来一杯冰水,一杯啤酒. Xiaojie, qing lai yi bei bingshui, yi bei pijiu..
WAITRESS: Mei wen ti.
S: Back again. Quick test. Say, ‘I want to drink beer’…..
M: Dui le, 我想喝啤酒, wo xiang he pijiu.
S: Now say ‘I want to drink a glass of beer’.
M: Dui le, 我想喝一杯啤酒, wo xiang he yi bei pijiu.
S: Now say, I want to drink a glass of iced water.
M: Feichang hao. 我想喝一杯冰水. Wo xiang he yi bei bing shui.
S: Hey, Mary and a guy have just come in. Guess we’ll have to practice introductions, jie4shao4.
MARY: Stuart, Manli, 你们好吗?
M/S: hen hao, 你呢, ni ne?
MARY: Wo ye hen hao. Let me introduce my friend. 让我介绍我的朋友,李建国. Rang wo jieshao wo de peng you, Li Jianguo.
M: 李先生, 很高兴认识你, li xiansheng, hen gao xing renshi ni. Wo shi Zhao Manli.
LJG: 赵小姐, 很高兴认识你, hen gaoxing renshi ni.
M: 让我介绍白君士, rang wo jie shao Bai Junshi.
LJG: 白先生,很高兴认识你, Bai xiansheng, hen gaoxing renshi ni.
S: 李先生, 很高兴认识你, Li xiansheng, hen gaoxing renshi ni.
M: So 我们都很高兴. Time for a break!
S: And time for my second beer. Mary and ML want coffee, Li xiansheng fancies a beer. 小姐, xiaojie.
WAITRESS: Ni yao shenme?
S: 两杯咖啡, liang bei kafei, 两杯啤酒, liang bei pijiu.
WAITRESS: 两杯咖啡, 两杯啤酒, liang bei kafei, liang bei pijiu.
S: Dui l, I have to pay for the drinks. How much, 多少? How much money? 多少钱?
M: Duoshao qian? Pengyoumen, this is your homework. Listen carefully, and give us the answer next lesson. 一杯咖啡是五块钱, yi bei kafei shi wu kuai qian. 一杯啤酒是八块五毛, ba kuai wu mao.
S: And ten mao MAO mao make one kuai. One mao is one tenth of a yuan.
M: Yi bei kafei shi wu kuai. Yi beipijiu shi ba kuai wu mao.
S: So, liang bei kafei he liang bei pi jiu, shi duoshao qian?
M: Tell us the answer next lesson. Ming tian jian.

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