Lesson 038 How Much Is It for Five Cups of Tea?

M: Da jia hao! Welcome to LCN! Pengyoumen, 你们知道我是谁吗,nimen zhidao wo shi shei ma?
S: Dui le, ta shi Manli. And I’m her colleague, 我是她的同事, wo shi ta de tongshi. Wo jiao Stuart.
M: Of course, we know that you know who we are. 我们知道你们知道我们是谁. Just practicing!
S: And what about your homework, 你们的功课, nimen de gongke, your homework? We had two questions. 两个问题, liang ge wenti.
M: 第一个问题。 First question. 一杯茶是四块钱, yi bei cha shi si kuai qian. 五杯茶是多少钱,五杯茶是多少钱?and the answer is, Stuart?
S: Wo xiang yi xiang. Let me think. Yi bei si kuai qian. Wu bei shi duo shao qian? Wo zhidao! Wu bei shi san shi kuai, thirty kuai, san shi kuai.
M: 错了, wrong, cuo le! Yi bei shi si kuai, 所以,therefore, suo yi, liang bei shi ba kuai, san bei shi shi er kuai, si bei shi shi liu kuai, wu bei shi …
S: er shi kuai, twenty kuai, er shi kuai. Wo bu congming.
M: Never mind. 第二个问题。Second question: Yi bei kafei shi wu kuai qian. Yi bei kele shi liu kuai qian. 三杯咖啡和三杯可乐是多少? San bei kafei he san bei kele shi duo shao qian? Try again, Stuart.
S: Ok. Wo xiang yi xiang. Yi bei kafei wu kuai, san bei shi shi wu kuai. Yi bei kele shi liu kuai. San bei shi shi ba kuai. 一共,yi gong, shi wu jia shi ba shi san shi san. Thirty three kuai! Yi gong shi san shi san kuai.
M: Dui le. Stuart, 你真聪明! You’re truly clever! Ne zhen congming!
S: Wo zhidao.
S: Wow, that was a lot of Chinese; that’s to get you thinking in Chinese. Before finishing, let’s look at some of the new things.
M: 第一个问题。 First question. Di yi ge wenti.. First, di yi. The di is DI di, 4th tone. The yi is the yi er san of one, two, three. So how do we say ‘second’? Dui le, di er, di er.
S: And, ‘the third glass of beer’…. Dui le. 第三杯啤酒, di san bei pijiu.
M: And ‘the second question’? …. Dui le, 第二个问题, di er ge wenti.
S: Wo xiang yi xiang. I’ll think about it. Wo xiang yi xiang.
M: Lastly, 一共,altogether, in total, yi gong. YI GONG yi gong. Altogether, three kuai. Yi gong, san kuai. Yi gong san kuai.
S: Now your gongke, homework.
M: Di yi ge wenti. 一杯可乐是三块五毛, san kuai wu mao. 五杯, wu bei,是多少钱?
S: Di er ge wenti. 一杯茶是四块四毛,si kuai si mao. 六杯, liu bei cha shi duo shao qian.
M: Answers next time. Zaijian.

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